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Although we are primarily a social club, we have a long rich history of giving back to the community.  We typically exceeded 20,000 hours of volunteer time of which over 10,000 hours have been directly for charitable causes.  We have exceeded donating over 1,000 pints of blood in each of the past two years and we recently completed our pledge of donating to the Villages Hospice House the sum of $100,000 toward their building fund.  We have Parrot Heads actively volunteering at The Villages Hospice, The Villages Hospital, Toys for Tots, Belk’s Trees of Love, Lady Lake Food Pantry, Help Us Help Kids, Blood Drives and for many other charitable organizations.  


All of our club activities are organized and executed by volunteers.  Major volunteer opportunities include the Chili Cook-off in February, the Poker Run in March, Pool parties in the Summer, Valentine’s Day Dance, Halloween Party, Christmas Party, New Year’s Eve Party.

Get involved any way you can.  Run for office, chair a committee or a trip, attend committee meetings, take attendance, sell 50 / 50 tickets, give blood. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and give back to the club and the community.  And if you volunteer we hand out Parrot points.

Parrot Points:

Parrot points are simply our method of tracking the volunteer efforts of our members both for club functions and for charitable activities that have been pre-approved by the Executive Committee. Each year in January we hold a Volunteer Appreciation Party and award volunteer pins to those members who have accumulated enough Parrot points to meet the requirements set by the Executive Committee.  In addition, we will be using Parrot points to determine who can and cannot sign up early for selected special events and parties.   

Event Tickets::

You can enter more information to help filter your results.  To see the points, simply enter the FIRST and LAST name of the person. 

1- To purchase early tickets using points, the total number of points must be more than 4X the number of people on the order.


       Examples:  If you have 3 people on your order, the TOTAL must be 12 points or more.

This can be 3 people with 4 points each, 1 person with 8 points and 1 with 4 points or any combination as long as the total is 12 points or more.


2- Enter the FIRST and LAST name of the first person and check their points.


3- Enter the FIRST and LAST name of the next person and check their points.


4- Continue to ADD all points until you have at least a total of 4 points per person on the order.

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