The Parrot Head Corporate Sponsors fall into two groups:  Those that provide the space we need to hold events and fundraisers and sponsors who provide funding to the assist in our fundraising and Giving Program.  Please do business with them and thank them for their continued support. 

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Cody’s has been a Corporate Sponsor for over 10 years.  Without their support, we could not hold the Charity Fund Raisers our Club is known for.  Cody's Original Roadhouse is a fun, casual, family friendly Roadhouse that serves "Just plain Good Food". You won't go home hungry or broke......You'll just go home happy!


The Palmer Legends Country Club has been making space available for Club Phlockings for over a decade.  Their goal is to create a memorable experience for their guests. They believe "the taste of the roast is determined by the handshake of the host."

Havana Country Club hosts our Phlocking on the 3rd. Wednesday of each month with a lunch Phlocking.  Havana is proud to offer one of the best dining experiences in the Villages.  They specialize in fine steaks, fresh seafood and pasta.  

Last year we decided to hold Sunday Phlockings each month.  Belle Glade invited us to use their space and we gladly accepted.  They invite you to come in they promise to serve up what it takes to make you happy.


StreetRod has been a Club sponsor for several years.  They support our annual Golf Outing, food drives and our annual Poker run.  They sell one of America’s highest quality golf carts.  They would like to show you what the StreeRod experience is with a test drive driving is believing. Call (352) 751-3953 to get a test drive and see the difference between your cart and a Streetrod

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Jack Maiz is a Club Member and the owner of Safe Harbor Financial & Insurance Services LLC.  He specializes in Medicare Planning for Veterans on Tricare and Eligible Seniors, age 65 and over.  He also specializes in Fixed Guaranteed Annuities.  You can visit his website at  at or call him at (352) 205-6911


Mark A. Cline is a Club member.  He is also an independent Wealth Advisor for 20+ years. CFG Capital specializes in income producing strategies.  Working with one individual or couple at a time, he caters to their specific needs and goals rather than a set model for every household. You can contact Mark at 352-775-1777 or visit

Owned by Club member Scott Larson, the Lake-Sumter Dryer Vent Cleaning LLC does just what the name says.  Each year there are over 15,000 house fires caused by lint filled dryer vents.  This local business can make sure your house isn’t one of them.  Call for an appointment at (352) 787 5202 or visit

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We are so proud to regularly conduct Blood Drives with Oneblood.