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The COCO-NUTZ is the name Fondly given to your Board of Directors. Please read about them and their functions so you know who to contact for ANY question. 

The COCO-NUTZ and Member Interviews (Click on Their Picture)

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Mark Woodland, President (609-929-9455): The President is the Club’s Chief Executive Officer.  He/She is responsible for the scheduling of, agendas, running the Phlockings, ExComm Meetings and any other event assigned by the Executive Committee.  The President signs all contracts and agreements and has the power to sign checks issued in the name of the club.  The President is the liaison to the Parrot Heads in Paradise (PHIP) and other outside clubs and organizations and oversees the filing of corporate and PHIP related paperwork.  He/She is an ex-officio of all committees established by the ExComm.  


Lisa MacLeod, Vice President, (301) 332 1123.  The Vice President is responsible for liaison with the Villages to procure space in the Recreation Centers for our events.  In the absence of the President, the Vice President assumes all responsibilities of the President.


Kathi Purdy, Secretary (352-792-4024): The Secretary is responsible for recording the minutes of all EXCOMM meetings, providing the meeting minutes to the EXCOMM at the following meeting for approval, and for posting the approved minutes at the Club's website. 

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Barb Beil, Treasurer (847-609-5304): The Treasurer is the financial advisor to the Club, is responsible for the banking records of the Club, receive monies and make deposits, balance accounts, issue checks for all approved expenditures, prepares financial statements, maintains the financial records, prepares and submits the Club’s tax annual tax return filing, updates the annual report with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations (Not-For-Profit) and assume responsibilities for assignments required by the President.


Johnny Ward, Membership Trustee (609) 226-9175):  The Membership Director maintains a directory of active members in good standing, maintains member emails and addresses, prepares the membership application form, processes the renewal and new member’s application forms, issues membership ID,is responsibilities for assignments requested by the President and approved by the ExComm.


Marsha Herring - Community Relations Trustee (412-260-7475): The Public Relations (Charity) Trustee is the Chairperson of the Charity Committee, conducts the annual survey of the membership, develops and presents a recommendation for each year’s Giving Plan and supervises all Club charity fundraisers. 


Jaci Burdash Volunteer Coordinator Trustee (312) 209-9090: The Volunteer coordinator is responsible for taking the attendance at all Phlockings, processing member volunteer applications, collecting and tabulating all volunteer Parrot Points, providing the ExComm of a monthly (12 month rolling) accumulation of points for each member, seeking out new volunteer opportunities and performing all set ups for our 3 monthly Phlockings.  He/She is also responsible for maintaining a Chairperson list and providing them with the Chairperson Package which lists their responsibilities. 

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Alan Shimp, Media Trustee (540-226-9390): The Media Trustee publishes the Club’s Newsletter each month; is responsible for maintaining the Club’s web site; works with local papers to provide News coverage for our events and charitable donations; and monitors the Club’s Facebook page.  Keeps website information current including Club activities and events.  Works with board members to develop capabilities and promotional materials. 


Sheila Hughes - Travel Trustee (513-324-3150):  The Travel Trustee is the Chairperson of the Travel Committee and is responsible for creating trips and out-of-the-bubble events to provide entertainment and social gatherings for our members.  The Travel Trustee is responsible for arranging all bus transportation and event oversight.



Dave Walls, Club Security (904-505-1156:  The person responsible for Club Security ensures that members are not bringing adult beverages into events held at local restaurants and country clubs and that all members adhere to the Club’s Code of Conduct.


Kevin Fuller, Elections Chairperson (516 317 1560):  Kevin is responsible for running the Club's annual election of Ex Comm members and any special elections required by the Club's By Laws.


Patti  Petretti, Sunshine Committee (352-561-4264):  Patti has the all-important job of sending out get well cards when members are ill, or sympathy cards to those who have lost a loved one. If you know of someone in need, contact Patti with the pertinent information. As a club, each member is like family and we offer whatever support is needed, when needed.

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Jim Dielman, Manager-Phins Up Shop (352-255-3197):  Jim is responsible for the purchasing, storage and sales of all Parrothead themed merchandise. 


Jack Maiz, Member Advocate (352-205-6911):  The Member Advocate mediates issues between members and the ExComm or other members.  When requested, the Advocate will insure confidentiality. .


Charles ‘Skip’ Todd, Blood Drives, (352) 446 9424


Sandi Senator, Music Coordinator, (585) 781 4452


Judy Turner, New Member Coordinator, (352) 308 7645


Jean Howlett, Club Historian, (352) 571 4689


Mr. Al Townsend, Parade Coordinator, (215) 620 9835

Deb Warren, 50/50 Coordinator, (919) 812 9597

Marty Guilliouma, Newsletter Editor, (540) 226-9391

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