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Each year the Club’s Charity Committee conducts a survey to determine which Charity organizations have the support of Club’s members. To be considered, a charity must be a registered 501.C3 non-profit in Florida and provide services in the local area. Using survey feedback, the committee develops a recommendation for a “Giving Plan” which is presented to the Executive Committee. The Giving Plan includes direct cash donations, member fundraising events and food and clothing drives.!


The Villages Parot Head Club donated over $500,000 to local charities in 2022.  The donations come from volunteer hours worked which are calculated at a rate of $23 per hour.  Blood donated calculated at $30 per pint.  Donated food, school supplies, toys, household goods and lots of cash which comes from our sale of 50/50 tickets, our annual Poker Run and our Cody's fundraisers.  Listed below are the Charities who received these donations:

  • Fruitland Park Food Pantry

  • Lady Lake Food Pantry

  • Wildwood Food Pantry

  • St. Theresa's Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry

  • Lake Pan's Food Pantry

  • Shepard's Light House

  • Combat Vets to Careers

  • Service Dogs for Vets

  • Center Hill Children's Mission

  • It Takes A Village

  • Wildwood Middle High School

  • Refuge at Jumper Creek

  • Project SOS

  • Operation Shoebox

  • Alzheimers Society

  • Help Agency/SOZO Kids

  • Special Olympics

  • Hurricane Relief

  • Veterans Helping Veterans

  • Toys for Tots

  • Ocala SPCA

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