Our regular meetings are known as PHlockings and almost alway include live music.

These are very popular events, you may want to bring your own folding chair if you are a little late. .PHlockings generally start at 3:30pm

The purpose of the Phlockings is to provide a semi-social environment where membership can, but are not limited to:

  • Receive information on upcoming Club activities and events;

  • Sign up for upcoming activities, events, or committees; and

  • Renew membership or join the Club as a new member.

Club members shall be informed of the Phlocking’s place, date and time through email, Club newsletter and Club website.

Please park on the outer limits of the parking lot.

NOTICE: You may NOT bring in ANY outside beverage.

PHlockings are held three times a month.


1st Wednesday- Palmer Legends Country Club

1st Monday following the Palmer PHlocking - Mallory Country Club

3rd Wednesday - Mallory Country Club

Palmer Legends Country Club

Mallory Country Club

Phlockinh 11