The Villages Parrot Heads annual membership dues run from January 1 st through December 31st.

New Member $25.00 and Renewal dues are $20.00 per person per year.

As an official “VillagesParrot Head”, you will receive a name tag and communication via email. You also agree to abide by the following:


By joining The Villages Parrot Heads Club, I hereby for myself, my heirs, and personal representatives assume any and all risks associated with any Villages Parrot Heads Club event that I attend and further waive, release, discharge and covenant not to sue The Villages Parrot Heads Club, its officers, members, sponsors, organizers or other representatives or successors and assigns for any injuries or damage of any kind whatsoever as a result of taking part in an event and related activities.

Code of Conduct: It is the intention of The Villages Parrot Heads Club to provide social and charitable activities for the enjoyment and benefit of all our members, guests, hosts and charities. All members of the organization shall be required to treat fellow members, guests and hosts and their personal property with respect. Members also agree to abide by all local, state and federal laws (including but not limited to) governing misuse of personal privileges, personal property and controlled substances.
Members of the Villages Parrot Heads Club, by virtue of their membership agreement, agree to demonstrate personal responsibility for their words, actions and deeds and not to exhibit behaviors that are harmful to themselves and other members, guests and hosts or their personal property.
We seek to provide a pleasant atmosphere in which to share our common love of the music and tales of Jimmy Buffett and to further the charitable ideals we seek to uphold. The Villages Parrot Heads Club will not condone behavior contrary to our objectives nor that which we feel is harmful or injurious to others.


By virtue of your membership in The Villages Parrot Heads Club you have agreed to “Party with a Purpose” in a most responsible fashion.

Membership Form (Downloadable) Can be mailed or brought to any of the monthly PHlockings

ARTICLE II. Membership and Dues:

1. Application for Membership: A Membership Application Form is prepared, revised, provided, and retained by the Membership Director.

2. Term: Membership in the Club commences January 1st and run through December 31st of each calendar year.

3. Dues:
a. Membership dues are $25.00 per person per year for all new members. (Revised 10-20-14)
b. Membership dues for renewing members are $20.00 per person per year.
c. New membership dues and renewal membership dues will be accepted by The Club in November of the current year. (Revised 9-22-17)
d. New memberships purchased in November / December will commence immediately and run through December 31st  of the following year. (Revised 9-22-17)
e. Ex Comm members are exempt from paying dues. (Revised 2010) g. Refunds of dues are only made with a majority vote of the Ex Comm. Revised 11-17-14 Pg. 2 h. The Ex Comm has the authority to refund a portion of the withdrawing member’s dues on a pro-rated basis determined by the number of days remaining until the end of the fiscal year. i. Upon refund, the member shall surrender their official club name tag(s).

4. All members, including new members and those renewing membership, shall be instructed to check The Club’s website and become familiar with The Club’s Bylaws and SOP’s.

5. Removal/Loss/Probation of Membership:
a. Any member who has not paid their dues by March 31st is considered to have terminated their membership and will be removed from The Club database.
b. Any action taken to remove, terminate, or place a member on probation shall be done only in executive session of the EXCOMM.